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The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender, or submission. John F. Kennedy


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Senate clears a procedural hurdle, but still no word on whether spending bill will include H-2B visa increases

Earlier this week the Senate cleared a procedural hurdle to start the clock on passing a short-term spending bill to fund the federal government past Sept. 30. Funding for the government expires at the end of the month, and Congress is expected to pass a continuing resolution to keep it funded into mid-December.
However, the details for the short-term spending bill are still being worked out between Congressional negotiators, so we need your urgent phone calls today!
Last year, Congress expanded the H-2B low-skilled, guest worker program, excluding returning foreign workers from the annual cap of 66,000. The exemption increased the number of H-2B visas that could be issued to 264,000. The expansion expires on Sept. 30 unless Congress extends it through the short-term spending bill.
It's imperative that Congress oppose an increase to the H-2B visa program. The program is used by employers to fill low-skilled temporary or seasonal jobs, but vulnerable American workers and teens, who have unemployment rates well above the national average, rely on these temporary and seasonal jobs for work and would have to compete directly with foreign workers.
Also, Pres. Obama announced plans last week to expand the Refugee Resettlement program by 30% in FY2017. We're urging Congress to include a moratorium on the resettlement of refugees from terrorist-sponsoring countries until an assessment of the national security risks they present can be completed. The Obama Administration plans to resettle 110,000 refugees in FY17 - an increase of 25,000 from FY16 and 40,000 from FY15.

The most important action you can take as a concerned citizen is to call your Members of Congress!

Please call all three of your Members of Congress and urge them to oppose any expansion of the H-2B visa program and to support a moratorium on refugee resettlement from terrorist-sponsoring countries.

CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD -- (888) 995-2086

Please call the number above that will connect you with the Capitol Switchboard. When the operator answers, ask to be connected to the offices of your Members of Congress. If you're not sure who your Members of Congress are, visit your Action Board.

OR You can use the following links to get your elected officials phone number/email address



Once connected with your Members' office, you can use the following talking points.

I urge you to oppose any expansion of the H-2B low-skilled guest worker program in the upcoming continuing resolution. The unemployment rates for Americans with a high school degree or less are nearly double the national average, and these Americans have to compete directly for jobs with H-2B visa holders.

Pres. Obama is demanding that Congress fund the resettlement of 110,000 refugees in FY2017 despite warnings from FBI Director James Comey that refugees from terrorist-sponsoring nations cannot be fully vetted. Please include a moratorium on refugee resettlement from terrorist-sponsoring nations in the upcoming continuing resolution until an assessment of the national security risks they present can be completed.

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"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

Abraham Lincoln



Gold Star Mother’s Day is observed in the United States on the last Sunday of September each year. It is a day for people to recognize and honor those who have lost a son or daughter while serving the United States Armed Forces.

Each year on Gold Star Mother's Day the United States president calls on all Americans to display the nation's flag and hold appropriate meetings to publicly express their love, sorrow, and reverence towards Gold Star Mothers amd their families. Government buildings are also required to display the flag.

American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. is an organization of mothers whose sons or daughters served and died while serving their nation in times of war or conflict. It organizes major events that take place on or around Gold Star Mother’s Day each year. Previous activities included a Gold Star flower wreath laying service, as well as an afternoon tour of President Lincoln’s cottage in Washington DC.

The last Sunday in September is also Parents of Fallen Military Sons and Daughters Day in New Jersey. This day is a tribute to all parents whose children died as a result of their service with the United States Armed Forces. It commemorates the contributions, commitments and sacrifices made by those parents individually and through the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.

The name the Gold Star Mothers was derived from the custom of military families who put a service flag near their front window. The flag featured a star for each family member serving in their country – living members were denoted in blue but gold stars honored family members who were killed while in duty. In 1918 President Woodrow Wilson approved the wearing of black arm bands bearing a gilt star by those who had a family member who died in the military service to the United States. This distinguished them from the blue stars, representing a family member presently serving in the armed forces.

American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. was incorporated in 1929, obtaining a federal charter from the US Congress. It began with 25 mothers living in the Washington DC area and soon expanded to include affiliated groups throughout the nation. On June 23, 1936, a joint congressional resolution designated the last Sunday in September as Gold Star Mother's Day, a holiday that has been observed each year by a presidential proclamation.


Before Police Officers take upon themselves the “LAW ENFORCEMENT OATH OF HONOR,” it is vital that they understand what it truly means. An oath is a solemn pledge someone voluntarily makes when they sincerely intend to do what they say. The key words in the “LAW ENFORCEMENT OATH OF HONOR” are defined thusly:

The TPP Myth vs FACT


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Credit: NumbersUSA

Senate clears a procedural hurdle, but still no word on whether spending bill will include H-2B visa increases

  Earlier this week the Senate cleared a procedural hurdle to start the clock on passing a short-term…


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