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"Moderate" Muslim lawyer Hassan Shibly admits to being Sharia Adherent... but do his actions also suggest he is a Jihadist!

“Moderate” Muslim lawyer Hassan Shibly admits to being Sharia Adherent…. but do his actions also suggest he is a JIHADIST!

By Randy McDaniels                                                                                                                    

During an interesting turn of events this past week, I found myself at a luncheon sitting across the table with none other than Hassan Shibly, the Executive Director of the Tampa Chapter of the Council on American…


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I'll keep my Republic, thank you

The headlines got to me again today.  The call out for Democracy seems to be the buzz word of the year.  

I remember watching the Egyptian Arab Spring unfold and tried to understand what was really going on.  The Mainstream Media and the White House supported it and used the words “democracy” for all.  They helped the people in the street become “free” from the hands of their leader, Mubarak.  This was supposed to be a good…


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    The Florida Department of Education is rewriting the Florida Principal Leadership Standards.  What are they putting into the new revision?  Teachers now are required to teach social justice in the classroom.  Social justice supports equality and solidarity in a society. 


    Equality is subjective and is also a tool for manipulating emotions.  If I tell you enough times that the…


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Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!!!



I will develop this further, but I wanted to put a couple of thoughts down before they get away.


I could not help but notice that this very unusual earthquake began in the VA area, went into DC and was felt as far as NY!!  Virginia is basically the "womb" of our nation, NY the "wallet" and DC the "seat" of government.  I can't help but think that SOMEONE is trying to get our attention!!!  And in the three most significant places in America.  It is alarming…


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Florida E-Verify Constitutional Amendment Needs Public Support at Upcoming Meetings

Florida E-Verify Constitutional Amendment Needs Public Support at Upcoming Meetings

Although this is not an FCTP effort, we are forwarding information to Florida members who may want to help in the quest to make E-Verify mandatory in the state.

Dear Florida activist,

The E-Verify constitutional amendment proposal must be approved by 22 of the 37 Florida Constitution Revision Commissioners to be placed on the…


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